Sea sports in Sardinia

The notoriety of Sardinia, despite the beauty of the interior, is certainly linked to the sea, its beauty and the possibilities of entertainment it offers. The island is in fact equipped with many centers equipped for marine sports, especially sailing, windsurfing and diving, which can be found in almost all the major seaside resorts.

Sailing in Sardinia

Sardinia is the paradise of sailing in the Mediterranean: the coasts are equipped with various marinas, and the sea, in addition to offering the pleasure of navigation, allows you to enjoy exceptional natural landscapes.

In Caprera, a windswept island in the northern part of Sardinia, is the Centro Velico Caprera, a sailing school founded in 1967 on the initiative of the Italian Naval League, the Touring Club and under the patronage of the Navy. It aims to create, through the practice of sailing, an education and a knowledge of the sea inspired by the traditions of the Italian Navy. With its 2800 students every year, it is the largest Italian sailing school.

Scuba diving in Sardinia

The Sardinian coasts offer thousands of possibilities for lovers of scuba diving: the Bocche di Bonifacio, the coasts of Asinara and Gallura, Capo Caccia, Carloforte, the Gulf of Orosei and the surroundings of the island of Tavolara are some of the most interesting places for the practice of this sport.
Many specialized centers, often at sporting goods stores or private clubs, which organize diving activities and offer assistance and equipment.

Windsurfing in Sardinia

Today Sardinia is one of the favorite destinations for windsurfers, both professionals and beginners. The “paradise of the waves” is the area of ​​Oristano, in particular Capu Mannu, where you can find the highest waves of the Mediterranean (3-5 meters), Funtana Meiga, and Chia, where the now famous Chia Classic Invitational is held , the Master of windsurfing in Italy.

Almost all the tourist beaches offer windsurf boards for rent: Bosa Marina, Calagrande on the island of Sant’antioco, and the Poetto beach in Cagliari. Just the Poetto beach of Cagliari, in the heart of the Golfo degli Angeli, hosts the Wind Surfing Club, the largest sailing club in Sardinia, as well as one of the most important clubs in Italy, born in 1980 thanks to a group of sports enthusiasts sailing and, in particular, windsurfing. The club, which currently has more than 600 members, also organizes windsurfing courses for adults and children.

Surf in Sardinia

In recent years, surfing has spread widely in Sardinia, and several Surf Clubs have sprung up all over the island, including those of Cagliari, Pula, Iglesias, Buggerru, Oristano and Sassari.

The seas that bathe the island, beaten at all times of the year by strong winds, lend themselves well to surfing, and it would be impossible to list all the areas suitable for surfing that can be found along the coast.






Where to Windsurf in Sardinia: The Best 10 Spots

Windsurfing in Sardinia is very easy and there are many places to practice this sport because Sardinia is an island that lends itself to windsurfing as well as many other water sports.

The combination of winds such as mistral and sirocco, crystal clear waters and incredible natural landscapes make Sardinia one of the most popular destinations for windsurfing.

In the previous article we have seen a bit of history of this sport, its evolution and the 2 main tables used in water; today we want to take a look to the best 10 windsurfing spots in Sardinia.

So, choose your table, and let’s discover the best 10 windsurfing locations in Sardinia!

The Top 10 Spots To Windsurf in Sardinia

All the locations we offer for Windsurfing in Sardinia have high level schools, where you can both learn to go to the table and rent equipment if you are already an expert.

There are no skills or requisites required to start this sport but at the end of the course you will be able to achieve excellent skills such as balance and safe on-board movements, interpretation of weather signals, position on board and change of direction with relative adjustment of the sail.

1. Porto Pollo

Porto Pollo is perhaps the most famous location for windsurfing in Sardinia. Shortly after Palau in the direction of Santa Teresa Gallura on the right is the road that leads to the entrance of this oasis where you can practice not only windsurfing but also other water sports. The context lends itself so much because there is a strip of sand with beach on both sides with shallow waters, therefore also suitable for children to learn.

Here there is an excellent Sports Center affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation, and it is also possible to rent equipment and there are changing rooms, hot showers and storage for customers’ materials. The collective lessons are inclusive of wetsuit, life jacket, board, sail and dinghy assistance.

2. Porto Rotondo

From Porto Pollo we can go further south east and go to Porto Rotondo, a few kilometers above Olbia. In one of the most beautiful and evocative gulfs of Sardinia, which is the Gulf of Marinella, there is an incredible scenery where to practice windsurfing. Here you can either rent the equipment or leave your own equipment in storage. They can learn both beginners and children but in the same way even the most expert can enjoy this spectacular beach that is inserted in a unique context with clear and blue waters, yachts in the background especially in summer and all around the typical nature Gallura.

3. Orosei

Further south of Porto Rotondo on the same eastern coast of Sardinia we arrive in Orosei and here we go to discover a wilder and more unspoiled tourism.

In Orosei we undoubtedly propose as a location for windsurfing Cala Liberotto. To be precise, Cala Liberotto is between Orosei and Capo Comino, the easternmost tip of Sardinia. Here the bay is emerald in color, the sand is golden and the rocks are clear from where a Mediterranean vegetation comes from dwarf palms, myrtle and prickly pears. The courses here are from 5 years of age and the activities are obviously carried out in total safety. Without doubt one of the best sites for windsurfing in Sardinia.

4. Costa Rei

Leaving central Sardinia to go to the South East, we suggest a place that is located between Costa Rei and Villasimius and is called Cala Sinzias. Here the south-eastern coast is a very long stretch of fine white sand. The natural context is enchanting and Cala Sinzias is 2 kilometers long with clear sea marked by one of the purest Legambiente in Sardinia.

Imagine what it can mean to practice windsurfing in this sea, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful coastlines in Sardinia. Here from 1 July to 10 September windsurfing courses are available for children and adults on various levels.

5. Cagliari

Moving from Costa Rei and Villasimius to the west we arrive at Cagliari, the largest city and the capital of the island.

Here we leave the long pristine coast to go to the city, precisely we move to Poetto, the most famous beach in Sardinia with 8 kilometers of beach where you can find everything: from sports to beach facilities, from relaxation to aperitifs, from restaurants to accommodation facilities. The context here is unique, and the racing area is just a few hundred meters from the shore. The wind never fails here and it will be exciting to set sail with the Devil’s Saddle beside you. In the evening the beach lends itself to a lot of parties and parties.

6. Chia

Going further south to about fifty kilometers from Cagliari we arrive at Chia, one of the most famous seaside resorts without a doubt.

Thanks to the constant wind, in particular the sirocco which predominates throughout the summer, Chia is one of the most sought after destinations for lovers of water sports and has been re-named the southern capital of windsurfing.

Here, among all the beaches, we choose the beautiful Su Giudeu. Qualified instructors, courses for all levels from the age of 6 where you start from the explanation of the equipment until you get to the offshore to perfect sailing speeds.

7. Putzu Idu

From Chia we go back to the center of the island but this time from the west side and we arrive at Putzu Idu where we find the famous Capo Mannu, destination for windsurfing experts because of its big and powerful waves. Here you really need to be prepared because the waves can push you into rocky plateaus so the reflex readiness is important to avoid damaging the equipment. The small bay has exposure to the open sea and if the wind is too strong, no problem, we move a few hundred meters to Mini Capo where the waves are kinder.

Worth noting here is the first edition of the Surf Festival on October 14th and 15th just south of Putzu Idu, in the Municipality of San Vero Milis.

8. Alghero

From the West Center we always go up the North side until we reach Alghero, the Sardinian Barceloneta.

Here we are spoiled for choice of beaches for windsurfing: from the Bombarde Beach to Porto Ferro up to the Mugoni Beach.

We choose Porto Ferro, technically in the Municipality of Sassari but still very close to Alghero and its airport, because if at Capo Mannu we have privileged the most experienced, here we privilege those who still have to learn. In fact the westerly winds make it possible to go out in safe conditions even with the flat sea, an ideal condition to approach this sport. Obviously we must pay attention to the currents. The beach of Porto Ferro is almost 2 kilometers long, it is sandy and has ample parking, ideal for those who venture also with campers.

9. Stintino

Continuing uphill from Alghero, a few dozen kilometers and we arrive at Stintino. We leave the wild west coast to return to the north and we are facing the island of Asinara. A few kilometers south of the Pelosa Beach we find the ideal conditions for practicing Windsurfing thanks to the conformation of this basin of water with calm and crystalline waters. The school for over 30 years accompanies beginners and experts in the practice of this activity.

10. Red Island

From Stintino then continue east to arrive at Isola Rossa where we have one of the most suitable beaches as well as the most popular destinations for windsurfing: Marinella Beach. One of the most sought after because this bay receives swells both from the mistral and from the west and is one of the beaches with the highest percentage of surfable waves in the Mediterranean.

Qualified instructors are also available for beginners and courses for all ages from 5 years upwards.

Our Bases Around the World

Are you not coming to mediterranean sea and instead you want to head to the ocean? Check out our kitesurf and windsurf school in Fuerteventura, with its base in the sandy north of the island.


So What? Choose our destinations and obviously contact us for more information and assistance.


Spot, courses and tips for Windsurfing in Sardinia

Windsurfing in Sardinia is one of the most practiced water sports, thanks to the insular condition of the territory, frequently beaten by the winds. There are many places in which to practice windsurfing and kitesurfing in Sardinia and events related to this sport.

Where to do Windsurfing in Sardinia

The areas where windsurfing is the most popular in Sardinia are Porto Pollo and Li Junchi in Northern Sardinia, Capo Mannu and Funtana Meiga in the Oristano area and Cagliari, where Italy’s largest windsurfing circle resides. The list does not end here, in fact we can mention Platamona, near Porto Torres, a town exposed to the Mistral and Stintino, exposed to the Mistral and the Levant. Alghero, on the north-western coast, is exposed to the Libeccio, while windsurfing is favored on the opposite north-eastern coast by the Scirocco and the Tramontana.

The spots in South Sardinia are those of Porto Botte and Porto Pino in the Gulf of Palmas, facing the Island of Sant’Antioco, and then Chia in the far south. In Sant’Antioco itself there are three spots in Calasetta, Sa Barra and at Spiaggia Grande, a few km from Calasetta.

In the province of Cagliari on the south-eastern coast there are also the points of Muravera, Porto Pirastu and Villasimius. Each of these places is frequented by tourists and windsurfers who come to Sardinia specifically to practice it in its crystal clear waters.

Learn Windsurfing in Sardinia – Schools and Courses

Porto Pollo is one of the recommended locations, with sports centers offering courses of all levels and for all ages, equipped with changing rooms, showers and storage for personal equipment. Also in Northern Sardinia in Porto Istana there are centers adjacent to exceptional locations for windsurfing, with individual lessons or packages and with complete equipment, life jackets and insurance included in the registration fee.

In the area of ​​Oristano courses and educational activities are organized for adults and children and in Cagliari there is a renowned sailing school with qualified instructors and courses set on the Italian Sailing Federation programs.

Windsurfing in Sardinia: Useful tips and events

If you are a beginner in windsurfing it is very important to choose a board. On the market there are various models, for those who are beginners and for gliding, therefore resistant to shocks and coated with a material that limits the problems of abrasion. To keep in mind that for the stability of the table the volume and the width, not the length, count and the table must be equipped with fin and strap. The ideal would be to advise the best places to buy directly from the schools or from the usual windsurfers in the chosen area.

It is always advisable to pay attention to wind forecasts and to identify a spot where the speed is 10 or 20 knots maximum. If possible, avoid off-shore winds, ie those that push towards the open sea, and in any case be followed by a person on the ground who can monitor your position.

Among the events related to windsurfing in Sardinia, for some years the Grand Slam Windsurfing has been organized, the national championships held simultaneously in Santa Teresa di Gallura. In Porto Liscia exhibition spaces will be set up for companies in the sector and enthusiasts.


Windsurf in Sardinia, Porto Pollo

The location of Porto Pollo in Sardinia is a real windsurfing hot spot in the Mediterranean but not only that, sought after and frequented by surfers from all over Europe every year. The true lover of windsurfing cannot claim to have never been to Porto Pollo and it is said that it was Robby Naish, the greatest living surfer, who discovered the spot.

Where is Porto Pollo and how to reach it

Located in the north-eastern part of the island, Porto Pollo is located in the jagged coast full of coves and beaches facing the Maddalena Archipelago and the Bocche di Bonifacio, and about halfway between Santa Teresa of Gallura and Palau from which it is only 6 Km away. Porto Pollo can be reached by ferry or plane: the nearest port is in Olbia, which is 44 km away, which translates into less than an hour drive away. If you opt for the plane, the most convenient airport to go to Porto Pollo is, also in this case, that of Olbia even though there are very few companies that make this route from the mainland. Otherwise choose Alghero, farther but more popular, even from low-cost flights like Ryanair. Given the Sardinian roads, if you haven’t arrived on the island by car (as in the case of the plane), we advise you to take a rental vehicle so as to move easily between the different beaches and towns of the area.

Where to stay In Porto Pollo

there are some residences and some hotels where you can stay. There is no shortage of campsites at the appeal, perfect for those looking for a more rustic holiday in the name of savings. The camping village Isola dei Gabbiani, is located on the beach of the same name and is the most equipped accommodation facility in the area open from April 4th until October 18th and able to offer the necessary spaces for tent accommodation and camper vans with attached services hygienic camping area and housing units or bungalows with 2, 3 or 4 beds in the village. The tourist center also completes the offer in terms of comfort by having a market, a bar, a snack bar, a pizza restaurant, a playground for children, a games room, and an equipped beach and a floating dock to allow the mooring of boats or rafts taken for hire or property. Here is the site of the structure: Otherwise, in the center you will find the Residence L’Isola which offers some rooms with shared bathroom and others with private bathroom. It is located just 7 km from the Costa Smeralda, perfect also for an evening tour of bars and typical restaurants. Outside the units there is a beautiful garden with typical Mediterranean plants and a barbecue available for guests. The Le Dune hotel is just a 2-minute walk from the town’s main beach. Inside the hotel there is a Sardinian restaurant and the rooms are furnished in traditional style. The buffet breakfast is included in the room price. The beaches The coast is formed by the two enormous beaches, the one of Porto Pollo to the east and the Arenaria, Porto Liscia and Barrabisa to the west, barely separated by the natural isthmus that joins the land to the Isola dei Gabbiani. The beaches are characterized by shallow waters, especially suitable for children who can play safely. The area is wheelchair accessible and there is ample parking for cars and campers. Along the coast there are restaurants and bars where you can sip an aperitif at sunset or enjoy a dish of typical Sardinian cuisine. On the beach, sometimes free and sometimes equipped, you can still rent umbrellas and sunbeds as well as boats such as pedal boats and canoes. Windsurfing in Porto Pollo: where to practice it The characteristic that makes the place particularly suitable for both wind surfing and kite surfing is the constant presence of exploitable winds from any quadrant they come at any time of day: generally the Mistral or the West blows strongly but even the Levant allows you to get out even without reaching, with rare exceptions, peaks of 40 knots. This happens thanks to the geographical conformation of the area: whether you are on one side or the other of the isthmus (between the Porto Pollo and the Arenaria beaches), there will certainly be the right conditions for surfing. Obviously along the coast there are windsurfing and kite surfing schools, so even those who are beginners can try this wonderful water sport. In the area without wind, instead, you can try the sup, the new way to “float” on a large and wide surfboard, moving with a long oar. Moving from Porto Pollo, the nearest spots to practice these sports are Rena Majore (20 Km), Cala Pischina but paying attention to the sandy bottom and Monte Rosso. The other spots are almost an hour’s drive from Porto Pollo: they are Isola Rossa, Badesi and La Ciaccia.

Surf Windsurfing

Where to Surf and Windsurf in Sardinia

Sardinia, land of sea, sun and wind: the perfect combination for surfing and windsurfing. Thanks to its geographical conformation that makes it constantly beaten by the sirocco and mistral winds, Sardinia promises excitement and fun to the lovers of these water sports, so as to be the favorite Italian tourist destination for surfers.

We begin our journey to discover the most beautiful spots on the north and north-western coast of the island.

Let’s start right from Alghero and the Riviera del Corallo (known to surfers for the Argentiera and Silver Rock beaches), where the 2012 SWK Surf event takes place from October 12th to 14th, the surf, windsurf and kite surf gathering. The event, for athletes and non-athletes, includes performances, sports activities, demonstrations for the little ones, eco-friendly initiatives and will have Alessandra Sensini as an exceptional godmother, just returned from the London Olympics. Among the beaches protagonists of the event there are the main spots of the north-western coast for surfing and windsurfing: the beach of Speranza, Porto Ferro, Maria Pia, Mugoni and Porto Conte. Another important international event for surfers is the Stintino Contest, which takes place in the spring and opens the water sports season. Exclusively dedicated to windsurfing and kitesurfing, the event includes long distance, freestyle, wave, ins & out, and sup, a new Hawaiian specialty.

We continue our journey on the north coast and enter the province of Olbia-Tempio, towards Isola Rossa and Baia della Marinedda, which since 2003 has hosted the Frozen Open, the spectacular evolution contest. Not very far from Isola Rossa and always in Costa Paradiso is Vignola, a small fraction of Aglientu which arose in the 1960s.

Porto Pollo surfing spot and windsurfing north of Sardinia

An almost mandatory stage for windsurfing, kite and sailing is Porto Pollo, located about 7 km from Palau in the isthmus of land that connects Sardinia to the island of Gabbiani. Porto Pollo is famous for its sustained winds able to offer strong emotions to the sportsmen, but at the same time its accommodations offer comfort and convenience for the vacation of the whole family.

In the next post Where to surf and windsurf in Sardinia (part II) we will visit the main spots of the south and west coast, especially the areas of Oristano and the green coast, particularly suitable for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kite.


Where to Windsurf in Sardinia

Italy is known as one of the most beautiful places in the world, especially if its coasts are rich in long beaches and crystal clear waters. Among the areas to visit at least once in a lifetime is Sardinia. An enchanting place that offers ample possibilities of choice, from a totally relaxing holiday to a holiday full of fun and adventure.

What is certain is that water sports are not lacking, for this reason those who practice them find in Sardinia a perfect destination, where they can spend unforgettable days in the middle of the sea being lulled and guided by the wind.

Windsurfing enthusiasts will not be disappointed, given that there are plenty of spots on the island where they can devote themselves to this sport, thanks to the winning combination of winds such as sirocco and mistral, but not only.

Once you have chosen Sardinia as a destination to treat yourself to some healthy windsurfing days, you need to plan, at least in general terms, the journey to get to your destination.

The ferry is the least expensive means of reaching the island. If you are aiming for a low-cost holiday, it is useful to consult a ferry comparison service for Sardinia in order to choose the lowest cost, for a solution that is still comfortable.


One of the most famous places where you can dedicate yourself to this sport is Porto Pollo. The oasis in the direction of Santa Teresa di Gallura allows you to treat yourself to unforgettable hours in the middle of the sea, where you can practice windsurfing, but also other water sports. The seabed is low, so it also lends itself well to the first steps of those who are learning.

Orosei, besides being a very beautiful place, is perfect for water sports. It is located further south than Porto Rotondo and offers adventure tourism, where the landscape is still unspoilt and wild.

In the south east of Sardinia there is the Costa Rei, namely Cala Sinzias. This place is also wild and unspoiled with over 2 kilometers of fine beach and crystal clear waters.

In Alghero there is only the embarrassment of the choice. There are many beaches where you can dedicate yourself to water sports, including Porto Ferro and Mugoni Beach.


Perhaps not as much as Fuerteventura but also Sardinia is a perfect destination for windsurfers and other sports to practice in the middle of the sea.

The first piece of advice to follow to treat yourself to a wonderful journey is the one related to the period. Absolutely avoid the month of August, because it is the most crowded where it will be impossible to find everything you are looking for if it is about relaxation and peace.

Choose the means of transport between plane and ferry, but if you opt for an inexpensive vacation, the plane should be avoided.

Have a clear idea of ​​the route to follow to reach the beaches where you want to windsurf, to avoid wasting time and take precious minutes away from our passion.

Last advice that may not seem to be linked to the context, but which instead is an important part is that of respect for the environment. Not throwing waste on the beaches or at sea means respecting the environment, but also ourselves and those around us.


Windsurfing and kitesurfing: the best Windsurfing kitesurfing: the 4 best spots in South Sardinia spots in South Sardinia

Where to do windsurfing and kitesurfing in Southern Sardinia

For wind lovers, here is the list of the best wind and kitesurf spots in southern Sardinia, between Chia and Santa Margherita di Pula.

Sardinia, with its 2000 km of coastline, is one of the windiest regions in Italy, a true paradise for surfers and kiters.

Thanks to its geographic conformation, Sardinia is constantly beaten by the sirocco and mistral winds, it is not in fact a case that it is the Italian tourist destination preferred by surfers.

In many beaches of southern Sardinia you can practice wind and kitesurf and some of them are recognized as perfect “spots”.

The first spot is Poetto beach, in the Gulf of Cagliari, where the 2012 Kiteboard World Championship was held. It is beaten by Mistral, Scirocco and Levante and you can have all the space available since it extends for 8 km .

Taking the SS 195 towards Pula, after 20 minutes you will arrive at Maddalena beach. The spot is perfect for kite surfing, in the summer months thanks to the thermal wind direction Ostro (South) – Libeccio (South-East) which blows with an intensity from 10 to 20 knots. On hot days and no wind, the ideal conditions for wind seekers are created only on this beach.

Continuing on the same road, we arrive in Santa Margherita di Pula as well as the beautiful beach, you can take advantage of the winds of Grecale and Levante that occasionally form discreet waves to surf.
After the beach of Santa Margherita, you arrive at the beach of Chia which, with its crystal clear waters and its white beaches, has a very wide exposure to the winds: Grecale, Levante, Scirocco, Libeccio and Maestrale. In particular the beaches of Su Giudeu and Campana are a famous spot for kiter.


Where to Kitesurf and Windsurf in Sardinia

What is Windsurfing

The excitement of surfing with the tranquility of sailing. No other sport like windsurfing gives you the feeling of open spaces, between the beauty of nature that is as welcoming as it is sometimes wild. It is a truly spectacular sport, fun and quite easy.

Windsurfing in Sardinia

Today windsurfing is a diversified sport, in fact there are various disciplines: there is light wind windsurfing, called “light – wind”, and windsurfing with strong wind, called “high – wind”.
More and more tourists come to Sardinia specifically for windsurfing, in unique, clear and crystalline waters like nowhere else!

Recommended locations:

  • Punta Trettu (South West);
  • Porto Botte (South West);
  • Poetto (South East);
  • Porto Pollo (North-East);
  • Capo Testa and Rena Majore, Santa Teresa di Gallura (North-east);
  • Funtana Meiga, San Giovanni Di Sinis, Cabras (Center-West);
  • Chia (South-East).

What is Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing means surfing pulled by a kite.
With kitesurfing it is easy to make jumps and evolutions with flat water, and at heights of several meters, remaining in the air even for several seconds; but even simple navigation presents fascinating and particular aspects.

Kitesurfing in Sardinia

Sardinia is truly the ideal place to practice kitesurfing, which is spreading more and more.

Recommended locations:

  • Punta Trettu (South West);
  • Porto Botte (South-West);
  • Poetto (Southeast);
  • Porto Pollo (North-East);
  • La Cinta, San Teodoro (North-East);
  • Le Saline, Palau (North-East);
  • Liscia di Vacca, Arzachena (North-East).

Some Tips for Windsurf in Sardinia

If you are looking for the perfect mix of sea, sun and wind, to practice windsurfing, Sardinia is the right solution for you!

In fact, the island enjoys a geographical position that allows it to be constantly beaten by the sirocco and mistral winds. If you are a fan of water sports you will have fun plying the waves of this wonderful sea. Not to mention the breathtaking scenery that you can enjoy while practicing sport.

Are you curious to discover the best places to practice windsurfing in Sardinia?

Windsurf Porto Pollo, the Bay of Dolphins

One of the main stops frequented by water sports enthusiasts is undoubtedly Porto Pollo and in particular the Baia dei Delfini. The town, not far from Palau, is particularly renowned for the strong wind that affects the area and offers indescribable emotions to sportsmen.

Crystal clear sea, pristine water, rocks shaped by the wind. The view of the coast from the sea will be one of the most beautiful you will ever see. Moreover along the coast there are many possibilities to rent the necessary equipment to practice windsurfing. There are also organized excursions that will guide you to hidden corners of this particular area of ​​Sardinia.

Reaching Porto Pollo is quite simple. If you decide to arrive in Sardinia by ship, you can choose the port of Olbia as a point of arrival. Alternatively you can choose to arrive by plane. The Baia dei Delfini is extremely close to the Olbia airport.

Simply the ideal destination if you decide to go windsurfing in Sardinia. And if this were not enough to spend the holiday on the island, know that there are many beaches and coasts that enjoy an excellent position and where the wind never fails.

The perfect destinations for windsurfing in Sardinia

The Baia dei Delfini is not the only place in Sardinia where you can practice windsurfing. You will be spoiled for choice as to which destinations to visit to make your holiday unique and unforgettable. To make your choice easier we have decided to recommend some places to add to your lineup.

Every year the SWK Surf takes place in Alghero, one of the most important events dedicated to water sports:

  • La spiaggia della Speranza
  • Porto Ferro
  • Maria Pia’s beach
  • Porto Conte

In the province of Oristano, the open sea and the confluence of winds arriving from the north and south of the island make the coast ideal for practicing sport. In particular we recommend:

  • Putzu Idu
  • Capo Mannu
  • Torre dei Corsari

Have you decided to spend your vacation in the south of the island? In a previous article we described the beaches in southern Sardinia ideal for kitesurfing. In particular we remind you of the coast of Cagliari, the Poetto, which offers the right conditions for practicing numerous sports.

The province of Carbonia-Iglesias is also rich in strategic points constantly affected by the wind:

Santa Margherita di Pula
Porto Pino

Kitesurf Windsurfing

Kitesurf and Windsurf in the South West of Sardinia

The predominant winds of southern Sardinia are the mistral (north-west wind), the scirocco (south-east wind) and, in some locations, the thermal winds (which, in most cases, blow from the south * east ). Here in the south the winds are not very gusty and the temperatures of the water and above all of the air are higher than in Northern Sardinia.

Southern Sardinia, in the past little frequented and considered by lovers of sailing sports, has had a boom in attendance in recent years: fantastic places, almost always present wind and excellent connections from Italy and most of the European capitals thanks especially at the airport and port of Cagliari. The kitesurfing beaches in the south of Sardinia are more varied and less frequented than those in the North of the island and moving between the south-east coast, the south coast, and the south- west coast, the probability of finding, every day, wind suitable for the practice of kite surfing is very high.

Here underthe beaches equipped for Kitesurfing & Windsurfing and the others where you will be forced to have your own equipment or maybe for rent.

Regarding the rental of equipment the costs vary and depend mainly on the manager and on-site use or at other beaches.

  1. Portovesme Portoscuso
  2. Sa Punta de S’aliga Portoscuso
  3. Punta Trettu Matzaccara
  4. Porto Botte Palmas
  5. Sa Barra Calasetta
  6. Dunes of Porto Pino Sant’Anna Arresi
  7. Porto Pino
Windsurf Sardinia