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Where to Surf and Windsurf in Sardinia

Sardinia, land of sea, sun and wind: the perfect combination for surfing and windsurfing. Thanks to its geographical conformation that makes it constantly beaten by the sirocco and mistral winds, Sardinia promises excitement and fun to the lovers of these water sports, so as to be the favorite Italian tourist destination for surfers.

We begin our journey to discover the most beautiful spots on the north and north-western coast of the island.

Let’s start right from Alghero and the Riviera del Corallo (known to surfers for the Argentiera and Silver Rock beaches), where the 2012 SWK Surf event takes place from October 12th to 14th, the surf, windsurf and kite surf gathering. The event, for athletes and non-athletes, includes performances, sports activities, demonstrations for the little ones, eco-friendly initiatives and will have Alessandra Sensini as an exceptional godmother, just returned from the London Olympics. Among the beaches protagonists of the event there are the main spots of the north-western coast for surfing and windsurfing: the beach of Speranza, Porto Ferro, Maria Pia, Mugoni and Porto Conte. Another important international event for surfers is the Stintino Contest, which takes place in the spring and opens the water sports season. Exclusively dedicated to windsurfing and kitesurfing, the event includes long distance, freestyle, wave, ins & out, and sup, a new Hawaiian specialty.

We continue our journey on the north coast and enter the province of Olbia-Tempio, towards Isola Rossa and Baia della Marinedda, which since 2003 has hosted the Frozen Open, the spectacular evolution contest. Not very far from Isola Rossa and always in Costa Paradiso is Vignola, a small fraction of Aglientu which arose in the 1960s.

Porto Pollo surfing spot and windsurfing north of Sardinia

An almost mandatory stage for windsurfing, kite and sailing is Porto Pollo, located about 7 km from Palau in the isthmus of land that connects Sardinia to the island of Gabbiani. Porto Pollo is famous for its sustained winds able to offer strong emotions to the sportsmen, but at the same time its accommodations offer comfort and convenience for the vacation of the whole family.

In the next post Where to surf and windsurf in Sardinia (part II) we will visit the main spots of the south and west coast, especially the areas of Oristano and the green coast, particularly suitable for water sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kite.