Windsurfing Courses FAQs

#1. Can I take a windsurfing course?

Anybody from 7 up to years can get windsurfing courses. Step by step, safely, experiencing fun and excitement. For all who are able to swim, windsurfing is a fantastic experience.

#2. What is the right time to start windsurfing?

Generally, the age people can start kitesurfing is between 7 and 10. Be careful: a comparison between different children of that age leads quickly to the conclusion of an obvious difference in physical and mental development. An in-depth conversation with parents and child concerning age, weight (from experience not less than 30 kilos), experiences in other disciplines can give first impressions. In case of doubt, little games or exercises on land or on water are indicated.

#3. Where take a windsurfing course?

You can take a take a winsurfing course anywhere is a recognized windsurfing school. Best place for learning are those spots that have flat water.

#4. Is windsurf equipment provided by the windsurf school?

Beginners or occasional windsurfers do not need their own equipment. Recognized windsurfing schools provide all required windsurf equipment.

#5. What distinguishes a good windsurf school?

There are watersportschools of different quality standards. If you want to play safe, be sure that:

  • Instructors are qualified
  • School’s overall impression is positive
  • The course fee include the equipment (board, rig, wetsuit, ect)

#5. That will I learn with a wndsurf course for beginners?

Besides the practical and theoretical basics of windsurfing, basic equipment as clothing, board & rig, rigging and derigging, getting on the board, pulling up the sail and getting going, stopping, steering and the corresponding forces, courses, getting windward, tacking and jibing at low-wind conditions), topics related to free-time leisure (equipment tips), protection of nature and waters as well as safety (rules of way, traffic regulations, transport of boards and rig on the roof of a car, what to do in emergency situations, knots) on water and on land are part of every modern windsurfing course.

#6. How long does a windsurfing course take?

Generally, a complete beginner course takes 12 to 15 hours. At good weather conditions (e.g. low wind, flat water), people could need less time. At the end of the course

Beginner course should be completed by the basic windsurf licence. This licence is required for windsurfing on certain places and its holders are allowed to rent windsurfing equipment.

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