Kitesurf Windsurfing

Kitesurf and Windsurf in the South West of Sardinia

The predominant winds of southern Sardinia are the mistral (north-west wind), the scirocco (south-east wind) and, in some locations, the thermal winds (which, in most cases, blow from the south * east ). Here in the south the winds are not very gusty and the temperatures of the water and above all of the air are higher than in Northern Sardinia.

Southern Sardinia, in the past little frequented and considered by lovers of sailing sports, has had a boom in attendance in recent years: fantastic places, almost always present wind and excellent connections from Italy and most of the European capitals thanks especially at the airport and port of Cagliari. The kitesurfing beaches in the south of Sardinia are more varied and less frequented than those in the North of the island and moving between the south-east coast, the south coast, and the south- west coast, the probability of finding, every day, wind suitable for the practice of kite surfing is very high.

Here underthe beaches equipped for Kitesurfing & Windsurfing and the others where you will be forced to have your own equipment or maybe for rent.

Regarding the rental of equipment the costs vary and depend mainly on the manager and on-site use or at other beaches.

  1. Portovesme Portoscuso
  2. Sa Punta de S’aliga Portoscuso
  3. Punta Trettu Matzaccara
  4. Porto Botte Palmas
  5. Sa Barra Calasetta
  6. Dunes of Porto Pino Sant’Anna Arresi
  7. Porto Pino