Holidays in Sardinia: Sport to do in Punta Trettu

The great variety of the landscape, the changeable scenarios and a never the same orography, actually allow Punta Trettu to practice a great variety of sporting activities.

Surely the beauty and transparency of the waters make snorkeling, underwater fishing, free diving, and scuba diving with unforgettable experiences, and Camping Coccorrocci will provide you with all the assistance you need to practice them.

If you prefer to be immersed in the sea, the thrill of “surfing” above twenty knots, pulled by a sail in the sky pushed by the wind, the exceptional characteristics of the Coccorrocci coast will transform the practice of kite surfing or wind surfing into a mine of emotions, whether you are an expert athlete in these activities or a novice. Constant and never violent winds, long sandy coasts and a breathtaking landscape, will be the ideal stage to prove yourself and have fun among the waves.

For lovers of jogging, trail running or road or dirt cycling, the vast territory that acts as a stage at Camping Coccorrocci offers plenty of choice, and a trained staff will be able to advise and guide you for the best experience possible.
A short distance from the campsite, the coast of Museddu offers the possibility of a horseback ride on an almost endless track, given that for almost nine kilometers you will have the chance to gallop with the sea to your right and a splendid pine forest to your left. The essence of a holiday in Sardinia, the rediscovery of the bond with nature, with animals, with one’s body. Doing sport and at the same time discovering a culture, regenerating yourself in a vacation that will become a cure for your body and your spirit.