Some Tips for Windsurf in Sardinia

If you are looking for the perfect mix of sea, sun and wind, to practice windsurfing, Sardinia is the right solution for you!

In fact, the island enjoys a geographical position that allows it to be constantly beaten by the sirocco and mistral winds. If you are a fan of water sports you will have fun plying the waves of this wonderful sea. Not to mention the breathtaking scenery that you can enjoy while practicing sport.

Are you curious to discover the best places to practice windsurfing in Sardinia?

Windsurf Porto Pollo, the Bay of Dolphins

One of the main stops frequented by water sports enthusiasts is undoubtedly Porto Pollo and in particular the Baia dei Delfini. The town, not far from Palau, is particularly renowned for the strong wind that affects the area and offers indescribable emotions to sportsmen.

Crystal clear sea, pristine water, rocks shaped by the wind. The view of the coast from the sea will be one of the most beautiful you will ever see. Moreover along the coast there are many possibilities to rent the necessary equipment to practice windsurfing. There are also organized excursions that will guide you to hidden corners of this particular area of ​​Sardinia.

Reaching Porto Pollo is quite simple. If you decide to arrive in Sardinia by ship, you can choose the port of Olbia as a point of arrival. Alternatively you can choose to arrive by plane. The Baia dei Delfini is extremely close to the Olbia airport.

Simply the ideal destination if you decide to go windsurfing in Sardinia. And if this were not enough to spend the holiday on the island, know that there are many beaches and coasts that enjoy an excellent position and where the wind never fails.

The perfect destinations for windsurfing in Sardinia

The Baia dei Delfini is not the only place in Sardinia where you can practice windsurfing. You will be spoiled for choice as to which destinations to visit to make your holiday unique and unforgettable. To make your choice easier we have decided to recommend some places to add to your lineup.

Every year the SWK Surf takes place in Alghero, one of the most important events dedicated to water sports:

  • La spiaggia della Speranza
  • Porto Ferro
  • Maria Pia’s beach
  • Porto Conte

In the province of Oristano, the open sea and the confluence of winds arriving from the north and south of the island make the coast ideal for practicing sport. In particular we recommend:

  • Putzu Idu
  • Capo Mannu
  • Torre dei Corsari

Have you decided to spend your vacation in the south of the island? In a previous article we described the beaches in southern Sardinia ideal for kitesurfing. In particular we remind you of the coast of Cagliari, the Poetto, which offers the right conditions for practicing numerous sports.

The province of Carbonia-Iglesias is also rich in strategic points constantly affected by the wind:

Santa Margherita di Pula
Porto Pino