Where to Kitesurf and Windsurf in Sardinia

What is Windsurfing

The excitement of surfing with the tranquility of sailing. No other sport like windsurfing gives you the feeling of open spaces, between the beauty of nature that is as welcoming as it is sometimes wild. It is a truly spectacular sport, fun and quite easy.

Windsurfing in Sardinia

Today windsurfing is a diversified sport, in fact there are various disciplines: there is light wind windsurfing, called “light – wind”, and windsurfing with strong wind, called “high – wind”.
More and more tourists come to Sardinia specifically for windsurfing, in unique, clear and crystalline waters like nowhere else!

Recommended locations:

  • Punta Trettu (South West);
  • Porto Botte (South West);
  • Poetto (South East);
  • Porto Pollo (North-East);
  • Capo Testa and Rena Majore, Santa Teresa di Gallura (North-east);
  • Funtana Meiga, San Giovanni Di Sinis, Cabras (Center-West);
  • Chia (South-East).

What is Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing means surfing pulled by a kite.
With kitesurfing it is easy to make jumps and evolutions with flat water, and at heights of several meters, remaining in the air even for several seconds; but even simple navigation presents fascinating and particular aspects.

Kitesurfing in Sardinia

Sardinia is truly the ideal place to practice kitesurfing, which is spreading more and more.

Recommended locations:

  • Punta Trettu (South West);
  • Porto Botte (South-West);
  • Poetto (Southeast);
  • Porto Pollo (North-East);
  • La Cinta, San Teodoro (North-East);
  • Le Saline, Palau (North-East);
  • Liscia di Vacca, Arzachena (North-East).