Windsurf Sardinia with Punta Trettu Windsurf Center

  Punta Trettu Windsurf Center is a water sports center in Sardinia with the main goal of spreading the love for sea and waater sports. At Punta Trettu Windsurf Center you can learn a wide range of sports, including windsurf (read how to get on a windsurf board), kitesurf, surf (check out the right board size for you), wakeboard, snorkeling and a […]


Punta Trettu Windsurf Center is a water sports center in Sardinia with the main goal of spreading the love for sea and waater sports. At Punta Trettu Windsurf Center you can learn a wide range of sports, including windsurf (read how to get on a windsurf board), kitesurfsurf (check out the right board size for you), wakeboardsnorkeling and a lot more.

About Punta Trettu Windsurf Center in Sardinia

The Location

Windsurfing Paradise
Windsurfing with Flat Water in Sardegna

Punta Trettu Windsurf Center is located in the beautiful southwest coast of Sardinia (SW spots in Sardinia), in the world known lagoon of Punta Trettu.

Lagoon of Punta Trettu, placed right in front of Sant’Antioco island (about 1000 meters), is particularly known for its flat and shallow water, which makes it perfectly suited for beginners and free styling practice and classes. The lagoon is mainly sandy with a average water depth of 1 meter, height that is perfect for children, beginners and freestylers that want to have a ride with the possibility of taking a rest whenever they want and chill standing on the sea bottom.

The Windsurf Center

The small building that host the Punta Trettu Windsurf Center, locater 100 m from the seas, has just been renewed. The building is located at just 100 meters from the sea and it’s the first building you will find on your left while driving to Punta Trettu.

Once you get here you will discover a spacious private parking where you can leave your car for free. In case you are traveling with a camper or caravan, you can also find parking for it.

The building offers on site rooms with private bathroom, snack-bar facilities, relax area, toilet, showers

Facilities and Services 

  • Windsurfing school: we offer windsurfing courses, windsurf equipment rental, windsurf equipment washing area and storage;
  • Kite School: we offer kite courses, kitesurfing lessons, kite equipment rental, rescue, kite equipment washing area and storage;
  • Cafè facilities: drinks, cocktails, wine, snacks, sandwiches with typical Sardinian products, salads, pastry, coffee, spaghetti and macaroni, fruit, ice cream and more;
  • Relax area, swimming pool, solarium: at Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè you can also relax, sunbathe and swim in the pool;
  • Private rooms with private bathroom: we offer private rooms with private bathrooms directly on Punta Trettu;
  • Shop with brands North / Mystic / Ion: at our Kite Center & Cafè you can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, harness, kite and boards by North, wetsuits by Mystic and Ion;
  • Toilette facilities: we have toilets available at our Punta Trettu Kite Center & Cafè
  • Hot Showers: all Cafè guest, kite students can access to our shower facilities;
  • Stand Up Paddle tours and rentals: if you like to explore the coast of Sardinia, you can join to one of our tours or rent a Stand Up Paddle;
  • Boat tours: we organize also private boat tours to Sant’Antioco, Carloforte, Masua, Pan di Zucchero.

Strengths of the Windsurf Center

  • Official VDWS school: we are affiliated and we are partners with VDWS, the international Association of Water Sports;
  • Directly on Punta Trettu;
  • Free parking;
  • Free Campers and Caravan parking for our guests, students, clients;
  • Bedrooms with private bathroom;
  • Cafè;
  • Relax facilities;
  • Sport services: Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and SUP lessons and rentals, bike, Tours, etc.

The Experience

Instructors are certified by:

Certified Federal School
  • Italian Sailing Federation (FIV): with certifications for both kitesurfing and windsurfing. It represents the National Authority for Italy and it is recognized by The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI, Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano). the instructor with FIV training adopts a more theoretical method for teaching, with a strong theoretical base formation before entering the water. FIV instructors are for sure more skilled in kids group lessons, as long as they are formed to transmit an agonist approach to the sport.
Windsurfing School Certified By German VDWS
Windsurfing School Certified By Verband Deutscher Windsurfing und Wassersportschulen (VDWS)
  • Verband Deutscher Windsurfing und Wassersportschulen (VDWS), the International Windsurf federation. VDWS represents a private aligned system of services around wind sports that certifies a certain standard level of the instructors. It has the same function of IKO for kiteboarding.

and have extensive experience with kids and students of all levels.

IKO School in Italy Sardinia
Kitesurfing School Certified By The International Kiteboarding Organization (IKO)

The team speaks Italian, English, Spanish, French and German, so that international courses are available.

Teaching  Technique

Lesson are individual or collective, depending on the  preferences  of our guests. We recommend group lessons especial for children to encourage participation and  enhance performance.

Lessons follow a practical and theoretical mix. First working with the gear on land we give students the option of getting used to the equipment before moving to the water.

The school uses VHF Radio and Bluetooth helmets for advanced  lessons, keeping in contact at all times with the student is of essential importance for their development and safety on and off the water.  Though the water depth never falls below a meter we also recommend the use of safety vests and gear for all our students.

The Use Of VHF Radio Walkie-Talkie Guarantees a Constant Communication Between Instructors
Radio Communication for a Safe Learning

The Crew

Also known as the Green squad is made up of dedicated, enthusiastic and experience instructors from around the world. Many of whom heard about our school abroad and moved here for the opportunity to work on our team. There are 12 windsurfing instructors on staff, male and female with backgrounds and qualifications in multiple water sport activities including Kitesurfing, Surf and Sailing. Three years obligatory experience is a prerequisite and positive attitude and personality is a must.

Every year the team gets bigger and the family grows, and we welcome new amazing members to our crew! Our goal being to help our students learn and enjoy the beautiful sport which is Windsurf. On our journey we exchange stories and creating new adventures with our guest. Your happieness is our satisfaction. This year with our new club house and never level Green Crew ready to rock the lagoon, we give a shout out to all our returnees out there, get ready, this summer is going to be the best yet !

Windsurfing Green school

Sardinia is known for its beautiful weather and magnificent beaches, and like many other islands in the Mediterranean the marks of a slow but tireless global warming is taking its toll. Sea levels have risen here by 7 cm over the last five years this may not sound major but when you look at the damage only several centimetres of flooding can cause to a community such as Venice you will understand impact such a small but unmerciful rise can have.

Like most water lovers our Crew is dedicated to create a sustainable cleaner environment for future windsurf generations to come. For this reason, when building the new house some modification had to be made. New solar panels will give energy and heating to the house warming the showers and the rooms. Water, is pumped from a natural spring beneath the ground which service both the house and the campsite for drinking water. Fresh Sardinia water is said to be the best tasting water in the world!

We also run an evening voluntary rubbish collection along the shore line, with free beers for those over 18 and ice pops for those under.With good company and serene sunsets, little is lost on a nice stroll along the shore line.What’s more, we consider ourselves extremely lucky to be able to cook using completely fresh and local products! Anything that you buy in the café is guaranteed to be sourced locally, for the benefit of the community and its economy and to the delight of our health and bodies. Fish for example is boat from local fishermen that dock on the pier right on the side of the school.Good fresh food is a great way to keep energy levels up and families happy and healthy during long days in the sun and on the water.


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