The position of the Windsurf Mast Foot

All tables offer the possibility to adjust the position of the mast foot. The factors that determine the right position are:

  • sail size;
  • wind intensity

In principle the ideal position of the mast foot is that in which the sail center aligns itself vertically with the center of drift. This is why a large sail requires the foot to move forward and vice versa. With this concept we obtain the ideal position but not enough: we will move a few cm around this theoretical optimum considering other factors such as overpowering and the type of performance desired.
In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that with each sensitive variation of the foot there is one of the height of the boom: foot forward = boom positioned higher, foot back = boom positioned lower; this so as not to compromise the surfer’s position with the movement of the foot.

Large Windsurf Sails

Move your foot relatively forward. If you find it difficult to glide (under-opening), move your foot completely forward to advance the weight. To increase the top speed back up: the backward weight reduces the wet surface of the board.

Small Windsurf Sails

Move your foot back to compensate for the shortening of the boom. If you want to be even faster or if you want to pass the chop more easily (especially with the slalom), move your foot further back.

Strong overpowering.

When you are in the water with a sail too big, it may happen that the board does not want to know how to stay in the water, forcing you to sail on the stern (tail walking) like a runaway horse. In this situation it is advisable to bring the foot forward in such a way that the weight is a little more advanced.