Ready to arm the Windsurf Sailing

Use a large bag to store and transport all the “small parts”: from the fins to the easyrigg. Premise: I think it is much more convenient for long-term holidays to transport the already-sailed sails rather than resort to tiring carts and mount everything on the beach every day.
For the “insulated” ride in the car I suggest instead to prepare the stuff with criteria: the order of the boards on the roof depending on the possibility of finding strong or light wind, the same for the booms. The sails prefer to cram them in the car for a long time, while for the most demanding trips there are some beautiful bags on the market to gather trees and sails all together; otherwise the choice to keep the sails in the car is obligatory because they are ruined if tightened with the straps. For trees I recommend reusing the bag of an old disused large sail otherwise to tie them individually on the rack (and to untie them!) It takes a long time that it is always better to spend in the water.

Choice of Windsurf Spot

To arm your sail, choose a place where the ground does not have sharp protrusions that are dangerous to your monofilm: the ideal surfaces are grass and sand, the worst are gravel and asphalt. Also consider other factors: that the space is sufficient to insert the mast and boom and to access all the parts of the sail (mainly: downhaul, ashlar, camber, chuck) and, in the event of strong winds, keep in mind that being repaired avoids so many problems that make you lose precious time … and patience! Personally I advise not to arm directly on the beach mainly for the sand – dangerous for the joining of the tree, for the boom and for the camber – as well as for the great exposure to the wind.