La Cinta, San Teodoro: Windsurf Spot

The conditions are so beautiful with the sirocco, that there are those who come here from peninsular Italy even if only for a we ….

The beach of the Cinta in San Teodoro is located 30/40 minutes drive south of Olbia (see map at the end of the article). The bay is immense, and very scenic: the contrast between the white sand, and the color of the Caribbean water, and the island of Tavolara in the background, strike immediately, whoever arrives there for the first time (and even subsequent times) . The beach is directly accessible, accessing the parking areas for cars / campers, only in the southern part. In the northern part, the large coastal pond of San Teodoro prevents access by car (and therefore the northern part of the beach can only be reached by walking on the sand for a while). At the limit, one could access the bay in the extreme northern part (Puntaldia beach), but here the sirocco (which is the main wind with which the spot works) enters onshore.

As for the logistics, near the windsurfing exit point there are some bars where it is possible to take refreshment (eg Blù Bistrò La Cinta). Just south of the beach is the town of San Teodoro, where you can find the main commercial establishments.

In the village, there is also a windsurf shop, Wet Dreams, actually more kitesurf-oriented. The Surfstar windsurfing school also operates on the spot.

We have so far had no need to stay in San Teodoro, as we have always come in the day from Palau (which remains convenient to reach even the spots of the Santa Teresa di Gallura area, in the case of Mistral). However, being a renowned tourist destination, it should be easy to find accommodation for all budgets with the usual channels (eg We also report the presence of the San Teodoro campsite, almost close to the spot.

Finally, it should be noted that, a little to the north (about 15-20 minutes by car), there is the Freestyle spot by Murta Maria, which I work with sirocco, Grecale, and Maestrale.

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